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    'Teen Mom' Names

    I seen a commercial the other day for Mtv's 'Teen Mom' in which the name Arabella was mentioned. That got me curious as to the other names of the kids featured on the show. Through the three seasons of teen mom (there were more babies featured on the seasons of '16 and pregnant' which I won't list) here they are:

    Season 1:
    Bentley Cadence (boy)
    Parents: Maci and Ryan

    Sophia Laurent
    Parents: Farrah and Derrek

    Carolynn Elizabeth 'Carly'
    Parents: Catelynn and Tyler

    Leah Leann
    Parents: Amber and Gary

    Season 2:
    Jace Vahn
    Parents: Jenelle and Andrew

    Aubree Skye
    Parents: Chelsea and Adam

    Aliannah Hope & Aleeah Grace (twins)
    Parents: Leah and Corey - Leah also has another, younger daughter named Adalynn Faith

    Isaac Elliot
    Parents: Kailyn and Jonathon

    Season 3:
    Nova Star
    Parents: Briana and Devoin

    Gannon Dewayne
    Parents: Mackenzie and Josh

    Arabella Elizabeth
    Parents: Alexandria and Matt

    Molli J. (?)
    Parents: Katie and Joey

    What do you guys think of their baby names? Any you like/dislike? Any that surprise you?
    Bonus Question: What would you have named your child/ren when you were 16?
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    these are actually quite good. I love Arabella Elizabeth but Leah Leanne is redundant.
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    I agree with you about Leah Leann, not a fan of the double 'Le' names together. I feel the same about the pairing of Nova Star!
    Although not really my style, I was pleasantly surprised by Isaac Elliot, Arabella Elizabeth and the middles Cadence (especially on a boy) and Laurent.
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    Sophia Laurent looks a lot like Sophia Loren; Bentley is cringe-worthy. Nova would be lovely minus the middle name Star, which sounds like a showgirl name, especially since Nova is also a word name. Aleeah is pretty darn bad. Aubrey Skye actually flows really well, but I really dislike the -ee spelling. Molly is spelled with a Y. Leah Leann is atrocious. Isaac Elliott is probably the best combo on here.
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