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    If you like Vincent but can't picture it on the baby there is the name Vinson. It's my dad's name and he goes by Vince, though to my uncle's he goes by Vinny.

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    I adore Vincent (I don't really like Vinny or Vince though).
    If you have a hard time pictureing it on an adult think about Vincent van Gogh, Vince Vaughn, or Vincent Vega (from Pulp Fiction).
    maybe Endora, Dexter, Gideon & Lorelei
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    Love it! I think its wearable all ages

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    I was always unsure about Vincent but I adore Vinnie.
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    Vincent is one of my favorite names. I love the nicknames Vince and Vinnie/Vinny. I think it would work well on an adult.
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