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    Your thoughts on Alessia

    I really like Alessia for my second daughter due to be born in 10 days. I don't want something too different, where she will have to always help people pronounce her name. Will most Americans know how to pronouse Alessia? It seems pretty straight forward to me, but please let me know your thoughts.

    My first daughter is Lilyana.

    Thank u!

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    By looking at it, I would pronounce it uh-lees-ee-uh. Is that correct? Its a pretty name, but i think i prefer Elysia.
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    I do like Alessia, but I'd say it as El-ess-ee-ah. I too prefer Elysia if you want uh-lees-ee-ah, but, Alessia is nice too
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    It's lovely, and it has some historical significance. The Italian city Alesia is the location where the Romans defeated the Gauls to incorporate Gaul (France) into the Roman empire. I think it was also a place of pagan spiritual/religious significance.

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    I don't think people would have much difficulty pronouncing it, but I think Alessia would get misspelled a lot. (Alyssia, Elessia, Alicia, etc.)

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