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    Makeover: Laurette

    So I was thinking of using Laurette as a MN if I have a girl, but the more I think of it the more I am starting to dislike this name. I feel like the name itself is unfinished, as I am used to my grandmother's name, Loretta, which ends a lot softer. This MN would be used as a honorary name for my Grandmother, Loretta and my mother, Lorena.

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    I prefer Loretta and Lorena over Laurette.

    What about Laurel? It combines both names in a similar fashion and has a softer feel than Laurette.

    I also like Loretta. I think _____ Loretta would be a pretty cute name and definitely suits the vintage names that are popular now.

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    I prefer Loretta to Laurette. Other possibilities would be Lorelei or Lorraine, and I like opheliawren's suggestion of Laurel.
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    I would use something that starts with Lor- to honor Loretta and Lorena. (I know it's the same sound, but I would just prefer it looking like the source.) Lorraine, Lorelei, Lorna, Loris, Lorenza...
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