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Thread: Selah vs Hazel

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    Aug 2013

    Selah vs Hazel

    Which do you prefer? We love both names but Hazel seems like it is getting popular. Selah is pronounced Say-la.
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    I prefer Hazel.
    I agree it is getting popular, which I don't like so much... but Selah is a good compromise.

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    I like Selah. Hazel just seems like the trendy "different" name everybody is using to be different. Idk. Maybe it's just me.
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    I do prefer Hazel, however if you are concerned with popularity, Selah is a beautiful name to choose instead.
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    I like Hazel. My son is 3 and in daycare, and there are no Hazel's there. I don't know any children named Hazel either.

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