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    I think you have some great options. I have a dear friend Bernadette, who we all call Bern, Berna, or B. It's unique but not too obscure. I also like the names Imogen and Cecily. Both are lovely. Another name I love is Aurelia (means golden). I was trying to find a name that meant blue because you mentioned your daughter's eye color. There is Azura, or just plan Blue, which I think is pretty all on its own.

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    I know, so many unique suggestions I keep reading over hoping one will stick with me! & I thought about plain out Goldie (along with possible long variants) but when I say it I feel like im calling a puppy.

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    Goldie is gorgeous. Just thought I'd pop up and say that Imogen is pronounced more im-ah-gen (like GEN-eration) in Australia, but with a very short e sound in the 'gen'. It's nice to see that there are so many people supporting you in trying to find the right name for your little girl. It's important that you feel the name belongs to you. Good luck!

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    Well for me it was the name that stayed with me, the one I kept going back to over and over again, the one that felt right and made me happy . I wanted an old fashioned name, not too popular, had nn's I adored, was charming and sweet, and one that went with sibs names. A tall order! I had a lot of names on my list and then narrowed it down some. Finally I was down to two names. I had to let go of the feeling that I wanted everyone to like her name. Most people seem to, but not everyone does and that's ok! Also thought of which nname would I regret not going with and the one I chose is definitely that name. Hope that helps a little! Naming is hard
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    I don't have any children but I'm very indecisive I suck at picking what to order let alone choosing something important but I doubt I would change a babies name (I named a doll aged 18 months Freda its still her name). I'm sure you will find the perfect name and if you need to change it.
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