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    Caroline which like Charlotte is a feminization of Charles strikes me as much softer than Charlotte. Caroline reminds me of Catherine as well. I also think people don't expect to nn Caroline in the same way they do Catherine.
    Good suggestion, but I have at least 3 friends who had baby Carolines this summer
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    Catherine is lovely. I have a negative association w/Charlotte, though. I'm not usually one for nn's, but Cate is so classic.

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    I love Catherine and Charlotte. A bit difficult choice for me, but I think Catherine wins. It's such a gorgeous name - and not boring at all. All names don't need to be trendy or exotic. There's a reason Catherine is still used today
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    I may be a tad biased, but I don't think Catherine is boring. I like Charlotte, too, but mostly for the nicknames. I like Catherine better. And I don't think it's a name that's destined to always be shortened to a nickname, either, despite what others may say. I was always just Kathryn, until high school when I decided otherwise (and your daughter could too, but she might do that no matter what you name her), but then I switched back. No one calls me by any nickname now, except my family occasionally, but that's a cutesy nickname that has nothing to do with my real name at all.
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    I love Catherine and do not find it boring at all! It's a beautiful name and I love Cate as a nickname.

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