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    Would you be wiling to name her Caroline Joy and call her Joy? Joy Caroline is quite nice, but Caroline Joy is so fetching.

    Joy Adelia is what first popped into my head—for some reason with Joy I like that rising A ending, like in Amelia or Ophelia.
    Joy Cordelia
    Joy Matilda
    Joy Hermione

    I do think Joy Elisabeth is a great option. Elisabeth's a classic middle for good reason.

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    I currently know a Joy and she's a fun, outgoing person. It's a cool name.

    Joy Annabeth - if Joy Elizabeth is too vanilla for you
    Joy Clarissa
    Joy Victoria
    Joy Allison
    Joy Rosalind
    Joy Marguerite
    Joy Helena
    Joy Andrea
    Joy Tabitha

    Joy Susannah is beautiful, as is Joy Caroline. Caroline Joy is also pretty---it's a great combination either way.

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    I love the suggestion of Joy Penelope!

    Joy Samantha
    Joy Lucienne
    Joy Cicely
    Phoebe Gail, Maxie Juniper
    Arthur Ryan, Roscoe Gray

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