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    I really like many of the names. Grace, Lucy, and Mary are all in my top 5 for my next baby and my Katharine is 5.

    1. Grace
    2. Lucy
    3. Mary
    4. Isabel
    5. Emily
    6. Felicity
    7. Vivien
    8. Zoe
    9. Gabrielle
    10. Penelope
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    @hanbow - Oh, I would love to use Theophania upfront, too, but DH will only agree to it as a middle. He prefers more familiar names in the first spot.

    @gabriela - Emilia is gorgeous, but I don't like it paired with Theophania due to the matching -ia endings.

    Thanks, everyone! Any more thoughts?
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    I didn't see this one yesterday! Sorry Muffy!

    Zoe - Zoe Theophania would be spectacular!


    I just find these three boring...
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    I like Zoe and Emily best. Felicity, Vivien, Penelope and Grace are nice but I am not keen on others, sorry.
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    Lucy, Mary and Grace are my favorites. I think they all sound wonderful with Theophania and William and Catherine as well. Mary would probably be my favorite choice with the sibset and the mn. I also really love Felicity and Zoe but they seem a little off with Theophania to me.

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