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Thread: Help us decide

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    Honestly, Winifred sounds best with Vivienne...I also like it the most. You could call her Winnie! That would be so cute....
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    I think Vivienne and Gwyneth sound the best together stylistically, but if you plan to use the nn Gwen, Vivienne and Gwen sound too similar. Winifred is nms, so I would vote for Gemma. Vivienne and Gemma is really sweet!

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    I love Gemma - but I agree with the other posters, that it does exactly fit with Vivienne (although when I will have children - I won't care about 'fitting'). Winifred with the nn Winnie is adorable - but I prefer Vivienne and Gwyneth - it's classy and sophisticated. And you can give her the nn Gwen.
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    I think Gwyneth and Gemma would work.

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    All 3 are good, but my vote goes to Gwyneth this time.

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