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    Names to go with Zelda and Dashiell

    I'm starting my third pregnancy. My two older children have definitely literary names - Zelda and Dashiell with middle names matching our origins: Astrid and Roman Leif. I don't know if I want to give my third child an other literary name or just a name to go with my daughter's and son's names. Please drop your suggestions!
    Zelda Astrid - 21.02.2011
    Dashiell Roman Leif - 15.05.2013
    I'm expecting a GIRL in april!

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    OK, first of all... your kids' names are freaking amazing! I love them!! Zelda Astrid and Dashiell Roman Leif are gorgeous and it will be hard to top them!

    I think the literary theme is a great one; I would continue it. It's subtle enough to link them without being obvious and obnoxious.

    Suggestions for literary names:
    Atticus (TKAM)
    Ambrose (Bierce, author)
    Milo (The Phantom Tollbooth)
    Calvin (A Wrinkle in Time)
    Hugo (Victor Hugo, author)
    Westley (The Princess Bride)
    Beckett (Samuel Beckett, author)
    Tennyson (Alfred Lord)

    Aminta (play, "Aminta")
    Arwen (LOTR)
    Cressida (play, "Troilus and Cressida")
    Vivian (Idylls of the King, Alfred, Lord Tennyson) (He spelled it Vivien, but it's totally better with an A)
    Daisy (The Great Gatsby)
    Josephine (Little Women)
    Phoebe (Catcher in the Rye)
    Zooey (Franny and Zooey) (Zooey was a male character, but the name would now be female)
    Beatrice (The Divine Comedy by Dante)

    I meant to do Scandanavian names as well, but I've run out of time. Hope this helps!
    - current loves -
    Genevieve - Aurelia - Penelope - Clementine - Matilda - Wilhelmina - Josephine - Cordelia
    Max - Frederick - Elliot - Gus - Atticus - Felix - Theodore - Beckett - Calvin

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    I like Zelda, Dashiell and...

    For a girl: Harriet (my favorite from the Peter Wimsey books) , Louisa (Alcott), and the new favorite here, Djuna (or Juna since the D is silent)
    For a boy: Atticus, Beckett, and Caspian. Its a shame Roman has been used already, I love it with your other names!

    My faves:

    Zelda, Dashiell and Harriet
    Zelda, Dashiell and Beckett

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    @alphabetdem: I love Vivian! Beckett and Atticus were considered before our son was born and I still love them.
    @bonnielyn: Harriet is lovely. Strong, feminine and retro. Love it.

    I'm waiting for more drop-in's!
    Zelda Astrid - 21.02.2011
    Dashiell Roman Leif - 15.05.2013
    I'm expecting a GIRL in april!

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