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Thread: Moby?

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    Aug 2013


    Can you see this on a little guy? Can anyone get past saying Moby Dick? Have you ever known a Moby?

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    Aug 2013
    The first thought was Moby as in - the second thought was Moby Dick. I really don't love it sorry!

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    first thought was of Moby Dick, second thought was of the musician. Could be kind of cool as a nn though, that way if he does get teased too much and hates it he can go by his full name.
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    way to stuck on the book and musician. prefer Cody, Coby, Toby, etc
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    I think of the baby carrier thing first (new mom, what can I say?) and the musician (not really a fan) and then the book title (lots of teasing potential there). I'd pass on Moby if I were you.
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