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    Two people in my life had babies on the same day. They do'

    Seriously. I couldn't make it up. They have very berry names too! Well... at least one of them does. We'll see about the other one.

    My cousin and his wife welcomed M@rlowe Elise. Which is gorgeous! I love it.

    My friend from elementary school (that I basically only keep up with on fb now, but she's sweet and always wants to keep up with me!) welcomed... wait for it... M@rilyn @nita Rose M@rie.

    I don't know how I feel about Marilyn! I don't know if it's come back around to be cute yet. Wdyt?

    Edit- I accidentally hit enter before finishing the title.. sorry about that
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    Marlowe Elise is cute, but Marlowe is one of those super trendy flash-in-the-pan type names (although I do like it).

    Marilyn...hmm. I'm not sure it's quite ready for a comeback. And three middle names is a lot, especially when two of them are renowned fillers.
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    Marlowe Elise is beautiful. Marilyn is okay, I don't mind the three middle names (I love Anita). Mari could work as a nickname, make it feel a bit more approachable and less dated.
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    Marlowe is very trendy, its pretty though. As for Marilyn - I actually admire this choice, they could be very ahead of the game here! It of course nods to Ms Monroe so it's very glam for a little girl...

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    I love the choice of Marilyn, its so pretty, sounds musical to me and its spelling actually makes it look like it would fit with some of the modern names. I also think of marilyn monroe, which makes it glam (without being tacky like using monroe).
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