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Thread: New List!!!

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    New List!!!

    Wow! This finding a name for a child is a process! (Which I secretly enjoy very much!)

    Siblings Maxwell (Max), Annika (Annie), and Theodore (Theo).
    I think we tend to like more absolutely classic names for our boys and more creatively classic names for our girls.

    I would love some feedback on our current working list:

    Rosemarie nn Rosie
    Honora nn Nora
    Verity nn Veri
    Olwyn or Olwenn nn ??? (Pronounced Ol-win for those not familiar with the name)

    I also like Rebekah nn Bekah or Becks as a dark horse name, but I'm stubbornly keeping it on the list....

    Comments or suggestions welcome and appreciated!

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    I like Honora and Verity best with your current children. Both feel like perfect matches.

    I also like Vera as a nickname for Verity. Not sure if that is something you would be interested in.

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    My favorites are Rosemarie and Olwenn.

    I think nicknames for Olwenn could be Winnie or Ollie

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    Rebekah and Rosemarie feel most natural with your current children's names. Their names are so classic... I just don't really see Olwenn, Verity or Honora blending in as well.

    Max, Annie, Theo & Bekah
    Max, Annie, Theo & Rosie

    just my two cents

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    I like Rosemarie & Honora best with your sibset.
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