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    Sibling to Bobby & Ben

    I have two boys:
    Robert nn Bobby
    Benjamin nn Ben

    What do I name a third boy? I feel like it needs to be a B name, but maybe I'm overthinking things. Technically Bobby's first name starts with an R, but we only call him Bobby.

    I'll take any and all suggestions.

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    "And so, being young and dipt in folly. I fell in love with melancholy,."

    names I can actually use:
    Persephone - Melita - Daphne - Atalanta - Elektra - Ariadne - Phaedra - Aemilia - Olympea - Erofili - Ligeia - Ophelia
    Achilleus - Ares - Prometheus - Orpheus - Viktor

    gps: Iseut Vesper, Wolfgang Django, Eulalie Blossom, Casimir Leo, Persephone Isolda Marian, Vladimir Hugo, Belladonna Poe, Bramwell Atlas, Sylvaine Echo, Dorian/Dante Alexander Wolf, Nocturne Raphaelle

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    I like Bradley and Beau, but I'll also suggest:


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    Robert nn Bobby
    Benjamin nn Ben

    Abram/Abraham NN Bram
    Sebastian NN Baz or Bastian
    William NN Billy - Can it get more impeccably classic than Robert, Benjamin, and William, aka Bobby, Ben, and Billy? (Bill when he grows up)
    Beauregard NN Beau

    The others I can think of, that I like, are either too obscure to pair with Robert and Benjamin (Balthazar, Basil, Barak) or cut down to the same nickname Benjamin does (Reuben, Benedict, Bentley, Bennett, Benzion). I REALLY like Ben and I imagine you do, too, but you don't need two!

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    My gut reaction is Baby Boy #3 need not have a B name. With that in mind, here are my suggestions that would go well with Bobby and Ben:

    Samuel nn Sam
    William nn Will or Billy
    Charles nn Charlie
    James nn Jimmy
    Thomas nn Tommy

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