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Thread: The Name Mary

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    I really like Mary. It's beautiful without being showy or over the top. I would pair it with something that's a bit more frilly, but still vintage.
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    I also love the nickname Molly. So cute.

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    It's funny that you ask this as I have asked it before. I'm into classic names but a little less popular so it may surprise people (including myself) that I have grown so fond of Mary since it seems to have maintained an unfair stigma that it's boring and overused. To me, it's fresh while maintaining that classy, vintage feel. I personally don't know any young people named Mary. I have seen that it isn't terribly UNpopular being a little shy of making it in the top 100 in the US. However, when people have told me that they know a younger Mary, it has ALWAYS been from a family that is religious (i.e. know a little Mary from church or Catholic school). Therefore, I think outside of religious circles, I think Mary is still scarce amongst young people. I would definitely consider using it.
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    I think it's cute, and customizable enough in modern times by use of a nickname. Personally, I much prefer Marie as a first name, but having several Mary's in my family, I am a proponent of this name as well.

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    I know a 14 year old Mary and its one of my grandma's middle names (Isobel Anne Mary Margaret plus an ultra-scottish last name). I find it old and hard to imagine it on a baby mainly because I haven't met one.
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