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    I feel like this with a lot of names I describe as "mouthy" because it feels like I'm chewing on them when I try to say them.
    Some I like and some I don't: like Maude, Maeve, Tallulah, Vivienne, Eloise, Aurelia, Claudia, Esme, Aurora, Anthea, Graham, Francesca
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    I don't know. I think sometimes it can feel awkward when saying a name for the first time, like your mouth needs to learn how to say it. Probably the more you say it, the more natural it will feel.
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    Yes! Jacoby is like that for me. I love the way it looks, but when I say it out loud, something just feels a bit off.
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    Hahahah yes! I was IN LOVE with the name Claire when I was a preteen... and then one day I said "I love the name Claire" and as it came out of my mouth, I wanted to immediately take it back and say, "never mind" :/ SO disappointing! It's pretty name, I like it when other people say it but it just does not jive with my mouth and how I hear myself talk.

    I had the opposite issue last week. I couldn't stand the name Calliope, I don't like how it looks, I hate how it looks like "callie-ope-ee" to me, and yet, I said to my mom (trying to convince her she should have used Frances as my middle name, "You could have named me Calliope Frances and I would have been happy... ohhhh wow! Calliope Frances actually sounds amazing" *sigh* I don't like Calliope still, but my distaste for it has vanished and I do love the sound of it coming from my mouth even though I still read "callie-ope-ee".
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    Quote Originally Posted by corajsb View Post
    Yes! Jacoby is like that for me. I love the way it looks, but when I say it out loud, something just feels a bit off.
    It's funny you say this. Jacobe (pronounced like Jacoby jah-COH-bee) is a family name for me. I know it's only a slight change from Jacob, but it's a huge difference in my head and out loud.

    For me, a lot of the names on my list were like this. Arthur is one. LOVE the name, the history, and how it's so strong. But I couldn't get over its feel out-loud and the inevitable "Artie" that would come from it. Martin was similar and also Douglas. Great name, but I couldn't see myself with a son named Doug. Maybe if we called him Duke?
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