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    Callen- What's the Word?

    Callen has been on our list for quite a while. If anyone else has been following my posts, it has the classic New England sound that I am so in love with and it also had the hard k sound and is modern enough for my husband. It is actually his second pic after Merrick.

    I kind of cleared the name from my mind in my quest to get my hubby to agree to Jameson or Parker or Liam. But as it is becoming clearer he just won't love them like I do, I'm wondering if Callen would be a good option.

    What do you all think of Callen? Does anybody know if it has any solid basis as a Gaelic name? It looks like it just jumped into the US scene in 2010. I just don't want people to think we made it up or something.

    Thanks for all your awesome help, we really appreciate it!

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    I know nothing about the origins of this name, sorry. For what it's worth, I do prefer it over Merrick.
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    I love Callen! Sounds like our husbands have similar style. I really prefer Callen to Parker or Jameson. I do like Liam.

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    Is it Pronounced Cal or Call-en? If its Cal-Len then I think it sounds good.
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