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    Question Ceridwen/Briar-Rose.

    What do you think of Ceridwen? Love it? Hate it? What does this name make you feel and imagine? What middle names would you pair with it? What first names would you pair with it (as a middle name)?

    What do you think of Briar-Rose? I know a lot of people up here aren't a fan, and think it's unusable. But if you can name your child off of a literary character, a mythological God or Goddess, a celebrity/famous person, or a character from a movie, then I think you can use Briar-Rose. I think sleeping beauty is more known as Aurora anyway.

    Thanks for any replies in advance!
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    I like Briar-Rose more than Ceridwen, but both are nice.
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    I love Ceridwen
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    I m really not a fan of either one

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    I love Ceridwen! Love it! If only my Husband could start loving it too... It used to be on our list, and I had the combo Ceridwen Chione Solenne as my favourite. Ceridwen is an enchantress and queen in Welsh mythology, one of the most important character, the mother of Taliesin; the great bard. She's the goddess of poetry and inspiration, associated with the moon and rebirth. I see Ceridwen as all snowy and frosty white, pure, magical and enchanting.

    Briar-Rose is bleeding toes to me. I danced the part a few times, and I can still feel the pain. But the names are pretty.
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