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    I see the appeal but don't love it. It makes me think of gin and when I go to say it I stumble and say Jupiter sometimes. But it is OK. I like the suggestion of Junia Pearl.

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    I strongly dislike it. It sounds like a cross between a planet and a vegetable. Also, it is not feminine or cute at all. Very much dislike the name. Just being honest.

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    I want to like it, but I just kind of...don't? I can't pinpoint what bothers me about it. Piper was an awesome suggestion!
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    Don't like it. To me it feels like an attempt to update the overused Jennifer. Plus you have people who aren't even naturey, outdoorsy types using it because it's in style at the moment. They can feel like they've gone 'out there' but it's safe because it's been deemed stylish.

    On a boy, I think it's great. It's unique and unexpected. On a girl, it's no different than naming her Emerson or Isabella. It's trendy

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    I love it, love Juni for a nickname, and also love Junia as an alternative!
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