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    Estelle does sound perfect for you.... I understand thinking you should love a name but not quite getting it, though. But its wonderful. All starry and girly, gold and silver and glimmering. Ottilie did well describing.... I like the sound of it, the -elle, makes me think of bells and tinkling.. Its like dark nights all full of friendly twinkling stars.... Hope it all works out for you!!
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    I know how hard it is to find a compromise with husband and WANT to like it... I just can't love Estelle enough to justify for you...Ironically, I tried to love this one too because it has all the right pieces, but I still get a way too old feeling from this. Perhaps with a proper nickname for baby?

    Stella is beautiful but I understand the past pet correlation being a hard one to get over.

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    Estelle is completely French to me; young, sweet and beautiful. I had several teenaged students named Estelle and found them all charming.

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    I think Ottilie described my feelings about this name far better than I could ever articulate, so I'm just going to second that. I think it's lovely, and it sounds like it could be perfect for you. Maybe you just need to let it grow on you? My husband loves the name Brigid, but it's not something I ever would have considered otherwise. I've grown pretty attached to it now, actually. A good nickname could help, too. My husband said if we have a little Brigid I can call her Birdie. I think it's especially sweet because "birdy" was his first word when he was a baby. Essie is an adorably charming vintage-y nickname for Estelle.
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    Enid could be another option.

    Estrella is a variation on Estelle that you could also consider.

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