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    I think I have already commented on this combination, but I absolutely adore Diana Lórien - the names balance each other so perfectly, and I can see it on any age woman in any profession. Not being in America, I wouldn't know about accents and things, but here in England (I'm pretty sure...) they are recognised as a different letter, and so are treated as such. Might be completely wrong there, and it doesn't help you really, but there it is. I say go for Diana Lórien - it has such meaning to you, and that is all that matters in the end. Good luck!

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    My mother tongue is full of accents and they are a pain to deal with in English. The middle name I chose for our daughter actually should have an acute accent (Sofía), but I'm not going to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orphanedhanyou View Post
    'any possibility for complications?' MOST DEFINITELY.

    ... now that you know there will be complications you are effectively doing it on purpose when you have the opportunity to prevent these problems before they happen.

    pretty sure Tolkien would agree, since your child is not a fictional character.
    I don't KNOW there will be any complications, which is why I asked around. From what everyone else says, its highly unlikely.

    The name was not based on a fictional character in the first place, so it kind of sounds like you are speaking about something you're not really familiar with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liviajoan View Post
    I love Diana--its been needing restoration! My mom's name is Dianne so names like that are very sentimental to me. Lórien is really cool; I think its awesome you're incorporating a reference to literature you love. How do you pronounce it? I always thought Elven names were really cool, so its neat that Lórien comes from its own language, even if its made up. Its whimsical and fairytale-like, and what little girl won't love that? Its also really wearable as an adult; exotic. Maybe she'll grow up imagining herself as a heroine in that world?
    It's hard to explain how it's's not easy for Americans to say correctly because of the R. It's kind of Scottish..In the first part of LOTR movie, Aragorn says "Haldir of Lórien", and he says it well. Still, in regular company I'd use my American accent.

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    I'm not sure of the exact pronunciation of the middle, but Diana is lovely and Lorien as I am pronouncing it (Lore-eye-en) sounds pretty. Since it's in the middle, I wouldn't have too many pronunciation concerns. Keeping the accent is a nice idea, but I'm sure many people will end up leaving it off when writing or typing out her name. Hopefully you will understand the oversight & not be offended or insistent. I love unusual & meaningful middles so I think it's a great choice!

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