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    OK, first let me say that this thread is hilarious.
    Bibliophile, I read several parts of your post out loud to DH as I thought it was so amusing.
    Thank you for the smiles all!

    Second, my biggest dislike, no question, are names spelled differently for no other reason than to be 'yewneek'. i.e. Faith. A lovely classic virtue name. However, spelled Faythe, you have taken the class and turned it more garishly 'nouveau riche', as it were.

    Oh, and I dislike Brynn. And Aiden/Jayden/Kayden/Caiden/etc etc ad nauseum... I just get a modern day Krystal type vibe from them. Ick.

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    I have a weird hatred for the name Mimi. I've known several Mimi's. They were decent people, they never did anything to make me hate the name. I just hate it.
    I also hate any Shay name. It's weird, but they just make me cringe.

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    There's lots of names I dislike, but there are some names I feel I *should* like, but don't. Felicity and Genevieve fall into this category. They seem like names I should like, they fit with other names I like, but (I don't know why) I really just don't like either of them.
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    I have a really strange dislike for the names Sloane, Imogen and Blythe (I'm sorry to anyone who loves these names. There's NOTHING wrong with liking them. They're just not my personal preference). I don't even understand why I dislike them (I've heard the sort of fit in with other names I like further down my list. I just don't care for them.


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    Ainsley, Emerson, Penelope, Imogen, Finn, Asher, Clementine and Rhys. And I will not be able to suppress a major eye-roll if I have to hear about another Niall.
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