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    Do these names suit my surname?

    My husband and I have a firm list of favorite names for our baby (unknown gender), but I don't think any of them sound great / roll smoothly of the tongue with my husband's surname, Scott.
    I'm looking for opinions on whether the following names "fit" with that surname, or suggestions of similar first names that would go together.

    This is my first baby, so perhaps you can tell I have a bit too much anxiety about the responsibility of naming a new human being!
    I've put our list of boys names in the "Boy Baby Names" forum, so please have a look there and cast your opinion / suggestions.

    Thank you!

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    I think Eva and Daisy sound fine with your surname. Saskia, Anouska and Bijou, are ok, not the best flow, but not the worst. My favorite from your favorites is Eva.

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    My favorite was Eva too. But my friends name is Eva pronounced AY-Vah, I think that might suit better.

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    Wow, I feel like the style of these names is a lot different from your boy name list! Again, I think 2 S names is going to sound sort of hissy, so I wouldn't go with Saskia. Daisy is rather charming to me. Eva is a lovely classic, of course. I'm also kind of fond of Bijou, but I don't know how I'd feel about it on a real child.
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    Eva works beautifully, and it's my favorite of your choices.

    Saskia Scott is a lot of S. It's easy enough to say, though I'm not trying to say it too quickly. Anouska Scott has two ska/sco sounds right next to each other--that becomes a tongue twister.

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