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    Names in the waiting room.

    I had a doctors appointment today and he was running late so I was stuck in the waiting room for 2 hours. A number of children came and went from the surgery in that time and I thought some of the names and sibsets were interesting. I think all the children were below school age, which is 5 here. Tell me what you think

    Dorothy {G}
    Amity {G}
    Casper {B}
    Raine {B}
    Tessa-May {G}
    Charlotte {G} and Alfred {B} (there where 3 Charlottes in the waiting room actually but I found this sibset intresting)
    Poe {G} Sunny {G} and James {B}
    Hunter {B} and Hudson {B} ... Newborn twins.
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    I love Dorothy, Casper {prefer Caspar}, and James.

    James really sticks out in that Poe, Sunny, and James set.
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    I like Dorothy, Charlotte and Alfred and Casper is ok. The rest are not my style. Hunter and Hudson are too similar for siblings.
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    Dorothy is very cute, especially if shortened to Dottie

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    Really cute names!!!
    I especially love Hunter, Amity, Sonny, Dorothy, Tessa - May,Charlotte , Poe & James.

    The rest are either too old or nms.
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