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Thread: Evangeline?

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    I love Evangeline. I wouldn't assume an Evangeline's parents were evangelical Christians, because the only Evangeline i know is Catholic.

    Also with the Disney movie i think this name is more accessible
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    I like both! I think Evangeline is so gorgeous, but it's a lot of name. Charlotte might go better with your four-syllable surname. Maybe Eva, as a compromise, or even Charlotte Evangeline/Evangeline Charlotte? That's quite a bit of name, though. I honestly adore both options, so I'm not sure I'm much help here.
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    I LOVE Evangeline! So beautiful and full of life. Much, much, MUCH prettier than Charlotte in my opinion!
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    Since you said your last name was a little longer, I'd go with Evangeline! I really think
    it's so much prettier. It was hard for me too though, I think they are both great names to begin with.

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    Evangeline is stunning! Good news!

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