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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysessha View Post
    Ahaha, I don't know whether to say thank you or apologize! So I'll just say glad I could help inspire you ^_^ Your avatar is swoonworthy, btw!
    Thanks, so is yours. C:
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    Our October girl is here!
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    Okay, a few more C names just in case they haven't yet been suggested or thought of:


    And these are sort of random:
    Gretel (love this one with Eve actually . . .)
    Edwina (I'm almost sure this has been offered up as a way to get to Gwen, but just in case it hasn't . . .)

    Also wanted to say that Willow is really lovely and I hope it can be a bit of a relief that you have one good name that overlaps your and husband's lists. Though of course I understand the impulse to keep searching!

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    I love Gretel too! It's my twin sister's name actually I think it's beautiful in your sibset!

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    Ffion Willow sounds nice.
    So does
    Willow Ffion

    I have both names in my family actually:
    Ffion Doro And Erin Willow are amongst my cousins' unusually named children.
    Ffion isn't all that popular although its a beautiful sound and everyone I mention it to says 'oh I love that' and no one questions the Ff - it's just welsh and that's normal in the UK. I'd go for Ffion Willow personally.
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