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  • I waited until I met him/her

    10 22.73%
  • I decided on a firm name before birth

    30 68.18%
  • I have done both with different children

    4 9.09%
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    What have you done?

    Have you waited until meeting the baby in person before donning him/her with a name? Or have you decided on a firm name before birth?

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    I have always picked names before, but have always had a backup in mind just in case they didn't "fit" once we met the baby.

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    I always think it's best to have two or three favourite names for each gender to take to the hospital with you and make a final decision upon meeting the baby. The baby may "look" like one name or even none of them (hopefully, that doesn't happen ). Parents get so stressed out about naming a child but I think most countries do give parents a certain period of time before they have to register the birth. If you still aren't sure at the hospital, bring the baby home without a name and try some of them out for a couple of days as you get to know him or her. One may "feel" right after you become aware of the baby's personality.
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    I've never named a child before his/her birth. In fact, hubby and I have never even discussed names before at least a day after baby was born!

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    I aggree with what @ mischa says. Imo the better is to wait and see what the baby looks like. I suppose i'am lucky because I will have a few months or so after the baby is born to decide for his/her name ( until it baptized I will not call it by his/her name only by Bebie or beba. )

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