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    To me Quinn is a girls name and Rhys/Reece is a boys name.

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    I agree with others Rhys is definitely male to me, and Reese seems girly.

    I think Quinn is unisex. I like it for either. I have second cousin Quinn, who is a girl. I wonder if her parents would have named her that if she was a boy. All of their kids have unisex names, and they happen to be all girls.

    I read a book where the male character was named Quinton and called Quin. Quinton to me sounds completely masculine if Quinn does not.

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    I've never gotten used to Quinn as a girl's name... and Rhys/Reese is still a boy's name to me.

    I don't know where they rank in popularity these days for girls. Names for kids that are a bit androgynous don't seem to ever make it into the top ten anyway. If it isn't wildly popular for girls, I think it's still OK for a boy's name.

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    Rhys (I don't know anyone with a different spelling-apart from Witherspoon)...Is very much a boys name here in NZ. Quinn I know of both genders
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    I've met one of each gender for each name. Reese was a boy and Reece was a girl. To me it's fairly unisex still, I don't lean toward either side with it. But with Quinn, it feels more feminine but I prefer it on a boy, if that makes any sense at all.
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