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    I LOVE Penelope! I'm actually going through the same exact thing. We have Nora Cathleen and so many restrictions on names we love. Penelope is actually on my "can't use" list because it was the name of my childhood cat (we called her Penny). Nell and Nellie clash with our last name and Poppy is what my daughter calls my dad. Anyway, how about... (suggested nicknames in parentheses)

    Tabitha (Tabby)
    Beatrice (Bea pron. "Bee" or "Bee-ah"; Tris)
    Lorelei (Lori)
    Lucille (Lucy)
    Sylvia (Sylvie)
    Adeline (Addie; Adele)
    Josephine (Josie; Jo; Joey)
    Caroline (Carrie; Carly)
    Genevieve (Gen; Genna; Eve)
    Vivian (Viv; Vivi)
    Melinda (Mel; Mindy; Linda; Lindy)
    Corinne/Corinna (Cori; Cora)
    Colette (Lettie)
    Cecelia (Cece; Celie; Celia)
    Victoria (Vicky; Tori)
    Angeline/Angelina (Angie; Lina)
    Juliet (Julie)
    Lydia (Lydie)
    Gwendolyn (Gwen)
    Florence (Flor/a; Florrie; Flossie; Flo)
    Frances (Frannie; Fran; Francie; Frankie)
    Jacqueline (Jacqui/Jackie)
    Nicolette (Nicole; Nikki; Lettie)
    Aurora (Rory)
    Natalie (Nat; Tally)
    Georgia (Georgia; Gia; Gigi)
    Margaret/Margot/Marguerite (Maggie; Margie; Greta)
    Estella (Stella; Essie; Ella; Ellie)
    Susanna (Susie; Anna; Zanna; Sookie)
    Mama to Nora and Vivienne.

    IF there was a third...

    Claire Athena
    Jasper James

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    Here are some more names with cute nicknames:
    Dorothy (Dot, Dottie)
    Viola (Vivi)
    Olympia (Olly, Pia) - Penny and Pia would be cute!!
    Celia (Cece, Lia)
    Imogen (Immy, Ginny)
    Matilda (Millie, Tillie)

    Best of luck finding the perfect name!

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