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  • Ivy Lyra

    2 2.33%
  • Ivy Seren

    5 5.81%
  • Ivy Elspeth

    5 5.81%
  • Ivy Aurora

    22 25.58%
  • Ivy Gwendolyn

    14 16.28%
  • Ivy Juniper

    15 17.44%
  • Ivy Delphine

    18 20.93%
  • Ivy Pandora

    3 3.49%
  • Non try again

    2 2.33%
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    Liv Annika is pretty!
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    I am going to agree with your husband on the name
    Ivy Oceana/Aurora is a double nature name and does sound very hippie-ish

    I voted Elspeth because I think it is a cool version of Elizabeth (the best in my opinion)

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    Ivy Juniper & Ivy Pandora are my favorites .

    I dont have any welsh or goddesses suggestions but my favorites Ivy combos are

    Ivy Anastasia & Ivy Juliette .

    Good Luck

    Edit : How about :

    Ivy Athena
    Ivy Ariadne
    Ivy Aphrodite
    Ivy Persephone
    Ivy Cerridwyn
    Ivy Circe
    Ivy Cybele
    Ivy Selene

    Sorry if they are too unusual .
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    Gwendolyn, Lillian, Delphine, and Aurora were my favourites. I like Gwendolen more without the y, though. I do really like a three syllable name following Ivy, and the ends-in-n thing sounds great to me.

    Lillian is a little bit popular for me, and a little bit floral to pair with Ivy. I really like the combo of Ivy Delphine, glad your other half likes it!

    Some other ideas:
    Ivy Ceridwen (you said Welsh was okay!) I love Ceridwen.
    Ivy Angharad - my ultimate Welsh guilty pleasure.
    Ivy Rhiannon - I would use this if I could, but we know a Rhiannon who is ruining it for my husband.
    Ivy Liliwen - I like Liliwen and Lilwen, both of which I've seen listed as Welsh forms of "white lily" but I worry people will think I'm lisping Lillian. They are interesting though, especially as middle names.
    Ivy Gwyneira - I like the "white snow" meaning, and it's Welsh.
    Ivy Vivien - I like the tie to Viviane, the Lady of The Lake of Arthurian legend.
    Ivy Morgana - More Arthurian legend
    Ivy Imogen - Gaelic, Shakesperean
    Ivy Sabrina - Sabrina is actually a goddess name, associated with the River Severn. I also think of Audrey Hepburn and she gives the name Sabrina a lilting, cat-elf type feel to me.
    Ivy Hespera - Evening nymph in mythology terms, not quiiiite a goddess, but...?
    Ivy Laetitia - I like the elements of Greco-Roman pantheons that are obscure, it spares your kid some of the embarrassment of the really graphic/weird legends. Anyway, Laetitia is "joy" and that's pretty nice.
    Ivy Brigida - just one of my favourite variants of the names in honour of the Celtic goddess Brighid.
    Ivy Zephirine - I very much like this feminization of Zephyr. I don't actually want to use Zephyr for a boy, but I love Zephirine/Zephyrine for a girl. There's also a variety of rose called 'Zephirine Drouhin' that is nearly thornless and very sweet-scented.

    Hope you're not mad I went slightly overboard! I love the name Ivy!

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    We had Ivy Carys on our list for a while
    Ivy Aurora was also on the list...beautiful but yeah a bit too crunchy for us

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