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Thread: Esmeray?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zozo83 View Post
    It definitely made me think of twilight, and although not 'made-up' it does have that sound to me. I like the suggestion of Esmerelda, but think Esme on it's own is gorgeous.
    This, especially the bolded part!
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    I immediately thought of Twilight (probably because I'm mildly dyslexic and read "Renesme"). I get what you're going for, but personally am not a fan of the name.

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    I did immediately think of Twilight, but it was to say to myself, "I wish *THAT* was what they had named her!"
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    Twilight has ruined so many names for me. Its so disheartening. I was so excited about this name, but I don't want people thinking I named my daughter after a fictional vampire baby. Especially when I think renesmee was a mess of a name.
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    Twilight 100%. It could have a beautiful history, but it's not a well-known one. But the Twilight connection is super well known. It also makes me think of Desiree & Esme or Esmeralda. Sound-wise I don't love it. If you love it, go for it. But if you want a rare, long, exotic & flowing, I think there are better choices without low brow pop culture connections.

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