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Thread: Esmeray?

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    What do you think of when you hear the name Esmeray/ Esmeree? Its not made up, its actually from an arthurian legend. Its pronounced ez-mer-ay.

    Does it remind you of Renesmee from Twilight? Im really starting to love the name Esmeray, but the fact that people might think of Twilight when hearing it really puts me off. I think its a beautiful name, and I love the possibility of the nn Esme.

    Im drawn to somewhat unusual names, especially names from mythology. My SO and I disagree alot when it comes to names because our styles are so different. He does like somewhat unusual names, but not super unusual. For ex. He loves Luna and Artemis, but Elektra, Phoebe, and Persephone are too "out there."

    I know im getting off topic, and if youve read this far: Thank you. Basically I just want opinions on Esmeray, and hear any suggestions you might have for other names that you think i may like.

    Thanks, berries!
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    I actually did think of it as a spin off of Renesmee from Twilight.... at first.

    However, after that first impression I thought it was a version of Esmeralda.
    It's just sad this book/movie (and woman who wrote it) have tainted names to this extent.

    I like it though.
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    I thought this name is from one videogame. I like it, but associations to Twilight are inevitable.

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    [FONT=Times New Roman]It's pretty. I'm not familiar with her story, but I do love names from legends and mythology. I didn't think of Twilight until you mentioned it. I'm not a fan of Twilight, so my head doesn't automatically go there. My very first thought was, "ooh, pretty."

    I just looked her up and found this, for anyone that's curious about the story (as I obviously was):

    Esmeree the Blonde

    "Daughter of King Guingras, from whom she inherited the kingdom of Wales. The sorcerers Mabon and Evrain entered her kingdom, laid waste to her city of Snowdon (thereafter called Desolate City), and turned her into a serpent until either she agreed to marry Mabon or a knight rescued her by defeating the sorcerers and enduring a kiss from her in serpentine form—called the Fearsome Kiss. Esmeree’s servant, Helie, traveled to Arthur’s court to find a knight to rescue her, and Helie came back with Gawain’s son, Guinglain. Guinglain defeated the two wizards and reluctantly allowed the snake to kiss him, thus ending the curse. Esmeree wanted to marry Guinglain, but Guinglain, having fallen in love with the Maiden with the White Hands during the journey, made an excuse to leave, promising to rendezvous with Esmeree at Arthur’s court. When she reached Arthur’s court and failed to find Guinglain, Arthur—who approved of the marriage—called a tournament at the Castle of Maidens, knowing that Guinglain, who never missed a chance to win honor, would show. Guinglain’s participation made him lose the love of the Maiden with the White Hands, and he was thus free to marry Esmeree. The two were wed in Wales, and Guinglain became King of Wales."

    source: Celtic Twilight- Compendium of Celtic and King Arthur Legends and Resources

    Neat. I like it. It does bear a striking resemblance to the sparkly vampire spawn though. [/FONT]
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    It definitely made me think of twilight, and although not 'made-up' it does have that sound to me. I like the suggestion of Esmerelda, but think Esme on it's own is gorgeous.

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