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View Poll Results: Does the name Daniela sounds Hispanic/Latino to you?

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    Daniela: Hispanic/Latino?


    Does the name Daniela sounds Hispanic/Latino to you? Like, if you'd hear the name would you picture a Hispanic person?
    This is not intended to be racist or something. Yesterday me and my mom got in argument over this and it's completely random. Personally I think Daniela is versatile, but my mom says it's Latino version of Danielle.
    I'm a long time reader/never poster, but now I need your help!

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    Yes, Daniela has a Latina vibe and the name is used often in the Hispanic community but it's not exclusively Hispanic. The spelling with one "l" is the Spanish spelling but other cultures use the name as well. It's a very versatile name that crosses borders and I would describe it as multi-cultural. I don't know why anyone should argue over it. I prefer Daniela over the French form Danielle which sounds "dated". English speakers have made names like Sophia, Isabella, Gabriella and Gianna popular, so why should Daniela be just Hispanic?
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    I have mixed feelings on this, because while Daniela is the latino version of Danielle, I wouldnt automatically picture a hispanic person if I heard the name. I feel it is very versatile, and doesnt automatically come off that way.Same with Catalina, and Esperanza. Theyre both considered to be hispanic sounding, but I can picture them on anyone.
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    The only reason I say yes to this is because I have a close friend with this name and she happens to be Hispanic. But I could also imagine it on anyone else as well, not necessarily a Hispanic girl.
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