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Thread: Iva

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    Iva is sweet but sounds like it should be short for something else. My thought was retired Croatian tennis player Iva Majoli.
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    I might be an unusual pronunciation of Ivy. I live in the midwest , and lived in KS (near OK) when young. Our neighbor was Ivy (aged about 70ish), but a lot of older people called her Iva. I just assumed it was a regional thing for older people who had a lot of weird pronunciations (e.g., Missoura for Missouri).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonfireazalea View Post
    Iva is sweet but sounds like it should be short for something else. My thought was retired Croatian tennis player Iva Majoli.
    Iva is Croatian biblical name. It's related to Ivan and short of Ivana.
    Sorry for mistakes, I am foreigner.
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    I like Iva It's got that 'eye' sound at the front that I'm fond of. You have to be careful with middle names for it though as it sometimes sounds like 'I've a' when paired with a flower or word name.

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