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    I hadn't even thought of Muhammud Ali, but I suppose people would assume cash-us because of him.

    Ooh, Castile - why have I never considered that before? Going on the long list.
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    I pronounce it Cass-ee-us. I like Cassius better than Casimir and like it about equally with Caspian. I think the meaning of Casimir bothers me more than the sound though. I think Cassius is really cool and I would love to meet more boys with the name.
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    I've always said (cash-ee-us), so I guess a mix between the two dominant pronunciations. I think it's a wonderful name by all accounts; a combo of class and cool : )
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    I say CASH-us. Not my favorite. I think Caspian and Casimir are way cooler (and more attractive).
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    I say CASH-us and I really like it like that.

    I do like Cassiel as well which is cass-ee-el, but they're not really related names, just coincidental, so I don't feel like I'm being inconsistent.

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