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    Margaret and Wilhelmina

    Two separate posts in one thread.

    1.) Do you pronounce Margaret as two syllables or three? MAHR-grit or MAHR-guh-rit (or something else)? I heard someone on the radio saying it as MAHR-grit and I really don't like that at all! I definitely prefer having the "guh" sound in there.

    2.) What's your favorite nickname for Wilhelmina?
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    1) I pronounce Margaret, MAHR-gar-it, 3 syllables...
    I'm actually watching Regular show right now and they pronounce it MAHR-grit, which I don't ever remember hearing before this show. I don't like it either.

    2) My fave nickname for Wilhemina is Mina (mee-nah). I don't like Willa or Winnie but that is just my personal taste

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    1. I say Mar-GUH-ret. You're right, it doesn't sound right as Mar-grit.
    2. I really like the nickname Mina, but Wilhelmina is very versatile. I also like Winnie, Willa, Willy, and Billy.

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    1. Margaret is pronounced with three-syllables. The similar Margret is pronounced with two.

    2. I like Mina.
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    Three syllables, mar-ga-ret.

    My fave nn for Wilhelmina is Mina, second choice is Willa.

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