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    What do you think of our combos?

    Number one coming in December, and are making combinations. Yay! So far all we have is:
    Seamus Orion

    Ariadne Maeve
    Caoimhe Ariadne
    Demeter Eireen/Éirín

    We're not completely in love with any of them, and are wondering if anybody has any suggestions. Other names we have on our list are:

    Emer - More so as a middle name

    Please feel free to add any names you like, or the names in my signature (who knows, maybe the husband will warm up to them more if he hears them with another name). We're looking for either Greek, Irish or Irish versions of Greek names. Thank you, Ismene.
    To be Mitéra Ismene and Dadaí Aidan. Expecting number 1# in December
    Ladies: Viria, Itea, Eris, Demeter, Persephone
    Boys: Cassius, Priam, Paean

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    I had to look up Caoimhe because I knew enough about Irish names to know that it isn't pronounced the way I'd expect, but now that I know how it is pronounced, I love it! I also love Ariadne- so beautiful. What do you think of Artemis? Artemis Emer is pretty. I like Caoimhe Calliope as well.
    I like Connell Orpheus, but Seamus Orion is hard to beat.

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