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Thread: No Clue...

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    No Clue...

    Hello! I posted in another thread and it seems at the moment we are leaning towards Jameson Merrick. However... I have a bit of a problem.

    One day I loved Jameson and now it just seems 'ehh'. And the problem is this happens a lot with my 'classic' names. One minute I love them and the next minute I'm bored with them! When I picture a little rosey cheeked boy in jeans and a sweater jumping in leaves, his name is Parker. When I picture a boy in overalls and messy blonde hair eating an ice cream come, his name is Jameson. I LOVE the classics. And I want a name I can picture on these little idealistic images of New England boys.

    Then.... I want a name that sounds beachy and surfery! Because we have roots in Hawaii many generations back. So when I picture a little boy playing in the sand in swim shorts and a snorkel, I think Merrick! And that's perfect.

    I'd love to use Sebstian or Connor because those seem to fit perfectly! But we can't use these because we have close friends/family with these names. Then there are the random names that we like that don't fit into either of these styles... My husband loves Octavius and Ignatius. I would never ever use such a long name on our baby.

    Our girls names we have picked are Cora and Scarlett. Louisa for a middle name. So I guess we are both into some vintage yet modern sounding names. So I desperately need some name suggestions that are New England-y (guess that meand classic in my books), layed back enough to be surfer-y, possibly with some vintag flair?

    Is this too complicated??

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    Jameson Merrick sounds great. Parker Merrick has a lot of K in it, is there another middle you'd consider? Maybe a family name or place name from the generations in Hawaii?

    I think Octavius or Octavian and Ignatius are great names, for what it's worth. Parker Octavian is pretty fantastic.

    What about Spencer? Graham? Grant?

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    These are the 3 main criteria I've pulled from your thread:
    1. Rosy cheeks playing in the leaves
    2. Messy blonde eating an ice cream cone
    3. Beachy and surfery

    Here's what I think fit all of these descriptions:

    Tobias or Toby

    I agree that Sebastian seems perfect. It's a shame you can't use it.

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    Hm, here are my suggestions:

    Nicholas (or Nikolai)
    Prescott or Preston
    Remington (I just love the nn Remi)
    Angus or Gus

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    I think you're over thinking it. The name you have picked out now fits your criteria perfectly.
    Mommy to...Maura Lucille and Patrick Donley

    If we have another...
    Seamus Arthur or Brigid Ellen

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