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Thread: Reid or Cole?

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    Reid or Cole?

    Hi berries!
    I have always loved both names and I'm really torn if we have a boy. I have a daughter named Elle and a son named Grant. Can you give me your favorite and some pros and cons of each? The middle name will most likely be Joseph.
    Thank you!

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    I prefer Reid. It seems like the best fit stylistically with Elle and Grant. If you're set on Joseph as the middle name, Reid Joseph sounds better than Cole Joseph. The latter has the repeated long "o" sound in the beginning of both names. That makes it feel off to me.
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    I like both but I think I like Reid a little bit more. Reid is a more serious name and I think it goes better with Joseph.
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    Reid (or Reed) sounds better w/Joseph, though I love both names!

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    Reid. It fits better with the sibset and sounds better with Joseph. Plus, I just don't like the name Cole.
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