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    Bed Rest Mom-Still can't come up with name!

    I've been on hospitalized bed rest for 10 days now waiting the birth of my daughter any minute (hoping she holds tight for another 6 weeks). Needless to say I have had tons of time to think about names, but I am still struggling. People keep saying "you'll know when she's born" but we are expecting a premie (28 weeks if born today-34 weeks if born at the longest they'll let me go) and I'm worried that I won't have that "moment" with her being hooked up on tubes and hauled off to the NICU.

    -This is our first child but if we have a boy at some point we are set on the name 'Beau"
    -Our last name is pronounced "Gussy" (rhymes with Fussy)

    Top Names:
    -Harper Gussy - my concern is that Harper is so trendy right now
    -Lacey Gussy - too rhymey?
    -Lyla or Lila - which way would you spell? I am leaning towards Lyla to make it easier (I'm more for easy pronunciation than unique)
    -Adrianna Gussy -- love this, but it seems like an Italian first name with a rather cowboy last name. Does it flow?
    -Teagan Gussy
    -Sierra - this would go with my nieces also city names, Viennah and Savannah
    -Leighton / Layton

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    I like Lacey, Lila, Adrianna and Sierra. Leighton is nice one too.

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    I really like Harper, Lila, and Adrianna. Lila being my favorite
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    I like Harper, Lila (this spelling seems to look nicer to me) and Sierra is my favourite.

    Sierra Gussy sounds beautiful and as you said she'd fit in well!

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    Sierra is my absolute favorite. Of the other names I like Teagan, Leighton and Lyla. Adorable names.
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