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    The Initial Game

    I'm sure this has been done, but it seemed like fun to me!
    The initial game starts with a set of initials, which will then become a brand new family. The initials will be of a family you already know, and must be as exact as possible. Genders will stay the same.
    For example, my initials are NMH (girl!). The next person might say "Nadia Maeve Harrison", or something similar. They will then post a set of initials for the next person to create names for!
    To start, we have the "W" family:
    Dad: DRW
    Mom: AMW
    DD: SLW
    DD: ECW
    DS: LDW

    Have fun!

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    Re: The Initial Game

    Dad: Donald Ray Wilhoite
    Mom: Anna Michelle Wilhoite
    DD: Sherry Lynn Wilhoite
    DD: Esme Cordelia Wilhoite
    DS: Logan Dean Wilhoite

    next family: "P"
    DH: TWP
    DW: ACP
    DD: EYP
    DD: EVP
    DD: EJP
    DS: ERP

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    Re: The Initial Game

    DH: Thomas Walter Parkhurst
    DW: Anna Catherine Parkhurst
    DD: Ella Yvonne Parkhurst
    DD: Emmeline Vanessa Parkhurst
    DD: Erica Jane Parkhurst
    DS: Edward Ryan Parkhurst


    Dad: NJC
    Mom: JAC
    DD: LEC
    DD: AEC
    DS: AJC

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    Re: The Initial Game

    Dad: Nathaniel James Collier
    Mom: Juliette Alicia Collier
    DD: Lilith Eloise Collier
    DD: Arden Eleanor Collier
    DS: Atticus James Collier

    Next, the "H" Family...

    Dad: ACH
    Mom: MBH
    DD: LMH
    DS: JRH

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    Re: The Initial Game

    The Henderson family...

    Dad: Alec Christopher Henderson
    Mom: Melissa Beth Henderson
    DD: Liam Matthew Henderson
    DS: Johannah Rosalie Henderson

    Next, the "K" family:

    DH: PNK
    DW: DSK
    DD: CCK
    DS: JTK
    DS: BWK
    DD: AEK

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