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Thread: Name Regret

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    I really agree with a lot of previous posters. Yes, Jack is quite a common and popular name, but it's a lovely name. Jack Hawthorne really makes the name more unique. Hawthorne is a much more unusual name. You could see what your husband thinks about changing his name, but personally I think Jack Hawthorne sounds divine with older sisters Sophie and Violet and is much nicer than Hudson.
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    Jack is much nicer than Hudson.

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    Thank you for all your reassurances and opinions. I am feeling a bit better about his name today, although it seems that I really go back and forth on being okay with his name and then not being okay with it. Today I am thinking that in the long run, I would probably be be happier with Jack than Hudson. I think I would rather have a more classic name even if it is more common, as opposed to a more trendy name that you might not hear as often. I guess I do think of Jack as being a classier name than Hudson even if it isn't very surprising or fresh feeling. I also wish so much that his name was Henry but that just isn't a realistic option as my husband would absolutely not agree to it. But sometimes I get so sad that I didn't get to use a name that I love love and am proud to tell people. He doesn't feel too much like a Jack to me but hopefully he will grow into his name as he gets older. I think sometimes when I have a tiny baby, it's hard for me to remember that their name is something that needs to suit them as an older child, teenager, and adult and not just right now when they are so small. If that makes sense... Thank you again for your help.

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    Hudson James is cute but I actually know three boys all under 2 with that exact name, and I'm from a small town.

    I think Jack Hawthorn is cute. And I think Jack is much more suited to Sophie and Violet. Maybe you just need to give yourself some more time to get used to calling him by his name? Most babies I know don't really suit any kind of name until they get a little older an start showing more of a personality. Good luck!


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    That is so hard when you don't get to choose what your want. I know. However, I think Jack Hawthorne is perfect! I don't really care for Hudson.

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