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    I love Lincoln,Lennon ( or even better Lennox) & Jackson !!! Very handsome names.

    I never like Murphy. I think it's sound old & imo you have better names.

    For all I would choose Lincoln with Jackson close second.
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    My vote is for Lincoln. I like Murphy a lot too, but it definitely has a distinct surnamey vibe to it. Jackson is nice, but it is really really popular (at least in the US). Lennon I don't like at all, not sure exactly why.

    Also, with Lincoln you can use the awesome nn Link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I love Murphy. It feels so spunky and friendly to me.
    I totally agree! It's my favorite on your list. Lincoln sounds clunky to me, I prefer Lachlan or Lorcan.
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