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    HELP!!! Jackson, Lennon, Murphy, or Lincoln?!?!

    We are narrowoing down our boys list. My husband does not mind "common" and prefers Jackson. I would like something a little different...Even though I like Jackson, I'm afraid there will be 5 others in his class at school. Any opinions on Jackson (Jack), Lennon (Lenny), Murphy, or Lincoln?? Which would you choose?

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    Not a fan of Murphy, but the other names are very cute! I think Jackson would make a cute middle name for any of these names.

    Lennon Jackson (Favorite!)
    Lincoln Jackson
    Murphy Jackson
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    Jackson is very common near me. My favorite out of your list is Lincoln, if the strong namesake doesn't bother you (it appeals to me). Lennon is okay, but I don't care for Murphy.
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    I have been in loveeee with Lennon lately. Lennon Jackson is cute.

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    I love Lincoln & Lennon, especially Lincoln

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