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    Well, I'm not particularly good with middles, but I'd delete Cleopatra Atalanta Yvaine and Cleopatra Alcyone Selene simply because Cleopatra ends in A and Atalanta and Alcyone both start with A, so there's a letter clash. Out of the remaining three names, my favourite is Cleopatra Daphne Melusine.
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    Ahh! Cleopatra Alcyone Selene! My absolute favorite. I noticed the pp said it should be eliminated because Cleopatra ends in a and alcyone starts with it, but i completely disagree because theyre different sounds. Cleopatra ends in more of an uh sound, where as alcyone starts with more of an ah. Hmm... Maybe im biased, didnt I suggest it? I just love it so!

    Having seconds thoughts about Cleo? I thought she was Morgana's back up. Both are lovely, and im sure whatever you end up choosing will be gorgeous.

    ETA: sigh. I actually didnt suggest exactly that. I post to much, everything just swims around in my head. Lol. I suggested something close. Im just a sucker for Alcyone.
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    From the remaining combos I love Cleopatra Lyonesse Yvaine !! So gorgeous !! My least favorite is Cleopatra Atalanta Yvaine . I agree with @sarahmezz about the A letter . If you feel that she is not a Cleopatra why you dont leave the name for a future lil girlie ? You have a lot other gorgeous names to consider .
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    ::hugs hugs hugs:: Don't be discouraged, sweetling! I didn't mean to make you sad, of course Hespera is a gorgeous name, and you've loved her from the beginning, so if you want to use her with Cleopatra you just go right ahead

    I love every single one of your combo shortlist. I do see what Sarah is saying about the back to back A's, but switching the combos around could solve that, e.g. Cleopatra Selene Alcyone or Cleopatra Yvaine Atalanta. I also quite love Cleopatra Selene Atalanta - so mystical and oceanic, with the glittering gold, the haunting moonlit vibe, and the bubbly dreamy seaside faery girl all rolled into one!

    Another name that popped into my head today: Semiramis! I can't believe she never occurred to me before. A powerful Babylonian deity believed to be the original Mother Goddess of whom all other goddesses and saints are just fragments and shadows and retellings, even the Virgin Mary. Various legends also depict her as a brave warrior queen, wife of the mythical King Ninus, who masqueraded as her husband after his death in battle, leading his armies to victory, after which she reigned for 42 years, creating, expanding, and fortifying her empire. Other legends describe her as being skilled in the arts of botany and alchemy, and there is also a historical Assyrian queen named Shammuramat (a variant of Semiramis) that some say is where the legends came from.

    At any rate, I think she's a smashing figure to pair with Cleopatra (if not a perfect first name in her own right! Aphrodite and Semiramis - wow). She has this sort of haunting, mystical vibe in addition to her badassery. Adding in something soft and dreamy to balance the combo, we get something like Cleopatra Blythe Semiramis, Cleopatra Laurel Semiramis, Cleopatra Daphne Semiramis, Cleopatra Xanthe Semiramis, or Cleopatra Semiramis Elbereth (a little long, I know, but so is Amie

    Don't despair, darling! We'll get things sorted <3
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    Ah Cleo's a pretty name and quite normal too, i know a few. Congrats on another girl also! i want mostly girls myself so i think your very lucky.

    I like Celeste and Yvaine the most. I would prefer Angelica to Veronika though.

    here are some of my favourite middle names that your might like, maybe?-
    Amara (greek for 'lovely forever')
    Theodora('gift of god')
    Amabel ('loveable')
    Claribel(means 'clear/bright/famous'/used by Edmund Spenser and Shakespeare)
    Orla/Orlaith ('golden princess' in irish)
    Isadora ('gift of Isis')
    Nerissa (created by shakespeare) oh this has already been mentioned..
    Amarantha (means 'unfading')
    Petra (name of an ancient city)

    ok i'm not going to write the meanings for all of them as you probably know a lot of them already!

    Good luck with everything.
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