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    My friend's Italian mom is named Antoinette, so I've been familiar with the name for a very long time. (Antoinette's nickname is "Nina.") I think it's a pretty name and very useable.

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    Audriana- love this one (pronouncing audrey-ahna?)
    Audrienne- i like Audriana a little more to be honest
    Lorelei- not for me!
    Adrienne- eh its okay
    Natalia- LOVE! very elegant feel
    Veronica- also love! (my best friend's name )
    Ivana- i don't know... it kind of reminds me of a dog.
    Annelise- very prep
    Madelyn- not a huge fan, personally
    Antoinette- not my favorite on this list
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    Audriana - pretty & very feminine, though I would probably spell it Adriana and pronounce it Audriana.
    Audrienne - I don't like the sound of this one.
    Lorelei - Cute & spunky.
    Adrienne - It's okay, but I prefer Adrian for a boy.
    Natalia - also pretty, though not a favorite.
    Veronica - I like it, but it seems sort of dated.
    Ivana - I don't like this. Reminds me of Ivanka Trump or Dracula saying "I vana suck your blood"
    Annelise - pretty & feminine. I pronounce this Anna-lease.
    Madelyn - trendy & overused to me.
    Antoinette - NMS, too overbearing & stuffy sounding.

    My favorites would be Audriana (or Adriana with the same pronunciation) & Annelise.

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    My favourites...

    Audrienne - Better than Audriana
    Lorelei - Only if it's spelled Loreley

    I don't really like: Antoinette, Audriana, Ivana and Madelyn.
    Baby girl due on June 20, 2016

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    I like Audriana, Anneliese and Lorelei.
    My fave being Audriana

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