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    First name for middle name "Plum"

    I'm not pregnant yet but it is driving me crazy that I can't figure out this future daughter's name! Haha.

    Her name would be...

    ______ Plum Solace (fake last name that sounds like ours)

    I have a girl already named Jael Capri & a boy named Makai Samson

    I like girl names that are short & sweet.... subtly feminine & uniquely beautiful.


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    I think Plum would be a cute middle name.. Wow, never thought of it, but it's super girly and cute.
    Hmm.. however, I'm drawing a blank for suggestions for a first name at the moment. Let me think about it.

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    The Plum I know is Scarlett Amelia Plum. However that might not be your style...

    Cecily Plum
    Daphne Plum
    Eira Plum
    Flora Plum
    Isis Plum
    Lyra Plum
    Mira Plum
    Ruby Plum
    Vera Plum
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    Margot Plum! I've always love that combo.

    Other options:
    Norah Plum
    Caroline Plum
    Alice Plum
    Leona Plum
    Madeleine Plum
    Eva Plum
    Yvette Plum
    Livia Plum
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    Thanks for the responses! Just not finding it yet...

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