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    Like other people have said, the -son ending is exclusively masculine -- I would understand appending it to 'Matt' if you were having a son, but with a daughter? It makes no sense. Also, think of the incredible difficulty your daughter will have throughout her life: her name will be constantly mispronounced and misspelled. As someone whose own name is constantly mispronounced and misspelled, I can tell you that it's a huge annoyance and, now that my career is gaining traction, a potential professional liability.

    I appreciate that this name has a great deal of significance for you, but it just isn't practical to use. I would suggest using it in the middle or finding an alternative. Bear in mind that you may very well have a son, in which case you'll probably want to use Matthew as his first or middle name.

    As for alternatives, how about...

    Amata or Amatia
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