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    I like Seamus alot... especially as it honors a James.
    I'm also going to suggest Brody

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    I love Seamus : ) I don't think it will be perceived as weird either; my father has a pretty narrow scope of names, and accepts Seamus as perfectly normal (though he shuns Declan, Liam and the like : ). A great way to honor a James, too. Here are more suggestions:

    Raphael Benedict-Peter Lazarus-Jude Sebastian-Eli Balthasar-Samuel Crispin

    Lucia Marguerite-Genevieve Ophelia-Charlotte Valentine


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    I knew a Seamus in high school. He was a star swimmer and had a lot of friends and as far as I know, he never got made fun of when I knew him in high school. Now, if he weren't so "popular," I do wonder if he still would've been spared from name-teasing. I am an elementary school teacher and I definitely see the potential for teasing at least when a Seamus is that age. If you're a strong person/personality, then your kid probably will be too and so maybe that won't be something that bothers either of you.

    It's a shame Sean is off the table! I love this name and it's familiar so people know how to pronounce it correctly.

    I have heard of One Direction being an elementary school teacher, but had no idea of their names so I don't think Niall is something to worry about. I also have always loved the name Patrick, but I knew two guys growing up with the name and both were called Pat, which I personally loathe, so I'd only use it for a middle name. I really like Brendan. Yes, it feels a little 90's, but so could Sean and Patrick and they're still both fabulous names. I can see with Brendan being close to trendy Braden and Brennan that it could be a concern, but I still think it's known enough to be recognized as NOT being lumped with those type of names.

    Other ideas:
    Neal/Neil (instead of Niall)
    Mama to Nora.

    Current favorites:
    Declan (Dex). Griffin (Finn). Ewan. Graham. August (Gus). Colin. Ian. Wesley (Wes). Cyrus. Leland (Lee). Rufus.

    Gwyneth (Gwen). Elise. Bronwen (Bonnie). Zoe. Edith (Edie). Piper. Ivy. Josephine (Josie). Margot. Carys. Sylvie. Eve. Iris. Esme. Phoebe (Bee). Kaia.

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    This is so difficult because a lot of these names (or very similar names) are either already used by our family/friends or have other connections that would turn us off from using them.

    Reilly - We know a female Rylee; love her, but wouldn't name a son after her. Plus, it kind of brings to mind Bill O' parents would like that, but my husband...not so much!

    Brody - A friend/co-worker of mine has a bulldog named Brody. All the students know about him, too, he's like the class mascot.

    Eamon - Our friends just had a baby boy named K@em0n. I'm not sure it goes with our other names anyway.

    Ian/Owen - My husband does actually like one of these, but I can't remember which one! He says the other one is "too Scottish". Owen is my aunt's maiden name, though, so we probably wouldn't use it for that reason.

    Lorcan - I like that it can be Anglicized as Laurence because that's my father-in-law's name. I think it sounds very different than our other names, though. Not sure how I feel about it.

    Ronan - I think it's cute, but my husband doesn't like it. Too much like Conan...I guess.

    @Chrisco, My husband doesn't care for Declan or Liam, either! I associate Declan with Southern USA more than Ireland anyway, so I probably wouldn't use it. But, I don't understand why he wouldn't like Liam. William is a family name in his family.

    I'm pleasantly surprised to see so much support for Seamus, though! I have always really liked it.
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    Mommy to...Maura Lucille and Baby #2 due April 8th - It's a BOY!

    I had a baby today, I would name him/her...
    Patrick Donley or Brigid ???

    BOYS: Seamus Arthur, Niall/Neil/Neal Thomas
    GIRLS: Fiona Corinne, Gwen ???

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    Tadgh -pronounced tie-GH As in tiger is awesome.
    Dermot I like

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